Santa Maria Della Salute

Santa Maria della Salute

The church of Santa Maria della Salute is, with its beautiful Gothic portal, a true jewel of decorative of the fourteenth century the city of Viterbo. It was built in the first half of 1300 by the will of Master Fardo of Ugolino, belonging to the congregation of notaries. The rectangular facade is made of pink and white two-tone with a top band of lozenges and the splayed portal with the alternation of smooth and twisted plates. On the jambs of the portal there is a branch of lives around the marble medallions depicted the Works of Mercy, left the body on the right spiritual. The church has a quatrefoil plan with vaulted quadripartite with ribs that delimit framing arches. It is currently owned by the Order of Lawyers of Viterbo that since 2009 has granted the loan for use Archeotuscia Onlus association of Viterbo with the aim to ensure its enhancement and fully enjoy.