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October 27, 2011

S Sebastiano Church

A tombstone embedded in the fa├žade next to the main door of the Church is a sign that this church was built in front of the door of the castle outside the castle walls.

The restoration of the Church brought back the original design of this holy building, built in the XIII century, when the square it is located on today was only a small valley through which the defense moat flowed and thus the Church was built on a small raised area outside the walls.

In 1561 it was given over to the Franciscan Convent Monks, by the intercession of Duke Ottavio Farnese. The monks used it as a small convent until the Napoleon suppression in 1809. It then became a sister church of the cathedral officiated by a coadjutor. There is some interesting artwork inside the church: the triptych of S. Sebastiano, S. Caterina and S. Rocco (XVI century), the altar piece of Saints Cosma and Damiano and other operas.










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