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October 27, 2011

Old Town Hall

In the village between the castle and the Church of Provvidenza we are impressed by an elegant building that documents the life of the town from the Medieval to the Renaissance eras.

At number 36 a building which distinguishes itself for its grandeur and exquisite design was the original venue of the Town Hall of Ronciglione.

Despite the visible signs of raising works, we are impressed by the harmony of its elegant structure: small openings on the ground floor and regular, larger windows on the upper floors are forerunners to the Renaissance building style.

Walking further along the regular plan of the town you can see other places worthy of note: next to the castle is the palace built by the Farnese family for private use by the Dukes and venue for the administration work; the great towers opposite the square show the Renaissance symmetry of the fa├žade.








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