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October 27, 2011

Great Towers

Ever since the early Middle Ages Ronciglione, like other centers in the area, such as Vico, Anguillara, Rovere, and Farnese, was sought after by the heritage land lords of the time and was subjected to numerous destructions and rebuilding. There is a stronghold called the “Torrioni” (great towers) which defended the only access to the tuffaceous “Cilio” that the medieval village rises on. It took on the appearance it has today only after the smallest Gothic style part was rebuilt as can still be seen inside, where the Gothic rooms with gabled vaults and arches then open out to the traditional Medieval and Renaissance type of fortress.

Today the Torrioni are undergoing precious restoration work and they dominate and guard the town. Inside you can see interesting frescoes, and decorations with unicorns as well as the niche with the image of the Madonna.

The restoration work has given very positive results. It aimed at preserving the different periods and styles and it displays fireplaces, floors, stairways and spaces that were once used by the head of the police and body guards, avoiding modifications which would disrupt the original design.

Thanks to a property administration agreement the Torrioni are open to the public for some of Ronciglione’s important cultural events.
















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