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October 27, 2011

Fountain of the Unicorns

During the times of the Farnese family Ronciglione was blessed with a splendour comparable to the most famous ducal courts of the era.

Opposite to the town hall building is the Fountain of the Unicorns, which the Ronciglione townspeople fondly call the “large fountain”.

It is an elegant example of town square fountains and is attributed to Vignola or Antonio Gentili, a goldsmith from Faenza.

This fountain is a document of the Farnesian generosity and of the most florid period of Ronciglione at the end of the 16th century.

Several legends related to the fountain are still told today, such as the one saying it was adorned with seahorses having  golden reins stolen during the French fire (1799) and  that there were four smaller basins on the side of the current fountain.

Instead many art critics assert that the fountain has always been as it appears today, whereas others say that the above-mentioned seahorses were added on at a later time.

It is certain however that the level of the square it was built on has lowered over time.










Fountain of the Unicorns