July 5, 2013

The Rem Picci property

Giardino-Rem-Picci-oggi-Comunale-300x209In 1860 Moroni in the “Dictionary of Historical Ecclesiastical Erudition” defined as “charming and pleasant” the villa of Agostino Rem Picci esquire, whose garden in the Italian style was rich in antiques such as pots, earthenware vessels, and fragments from roman times. Today, through an iron gate on the left of the small church of St. Amanzio, part of the complex, you can enter a small English style garden. On the gate there is a coat of arms: two ears of wheat on the three hills of the Papal State. In the garden an altar made of peperino,a local volcanic rock, from the roman age is preserved. It was found in the Collicciano locality in 1834, when the area as well belonged to the Rem Picci family. The inscription, on three lines, dedicated to the Lari, probably refers to the Lares Semitales, tutelary deities of the wayfarers and of the paths. Their protection was necessary in the wood that the romans found to be difficult to cross and not very friendly , as told by the historian Livio.

On the right the garden goes down towards the country. A small circular tower made of fired bricks stands in the corner where the surrounding wall begins. It was a toilet , not a lookout post, as its position could induce to think. Inside the garden you can admire circular and rectangular tanks , used to macerate hemp.

The property included the present public park entitled to “Giacomo Rempicci and Carlotta di Maio”in via Giovanni XXIII, once part of the wide park of the house, given as a present by the family to the Town Council of Canepina in 1968.


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Proprietà Rem Picci