July 5, 2013

The Anguillara Castle

The Castle, called of the Anguillara, (the last powerful family to own it) was built in the half of the 11th century, on an inaccessible crag, to guard, with its East Tower, the plain of the river Tevere, from where they feared to be attacked.

Only a part of the west tower, along with the east one, probably a defence tower, remain of the castle. After changing historical fortunes, the castle will become a property of the Anguillara family, whose coat of arms is on the front door.

In the large square outside the Castle there is a semicircular pulpit in volcanic rock (peperino), that in its upper part has a small niche with a sacred image; the pulpit is surmounted by a tympanum with a frame. The body of the barrel tub lays on a bulging base that is decorated by interlaced ribbons; it ends with an acorn shaped  appendage.

In the central part a beaming sun circumscribes the abbreviation IHS, a St. Bernardine symbol – 15th – 16th century.


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Castello degli Anguillara