July 5, 2013

Sanctuary of the “Arcella”

Altare-dellArcella-300x224The Arcella, in the valley of the Rio Francina, is maybe the most fascinating place in Canepina due to its silence, its clear waters and the archeological remains of a stronghold. Three great blocks of volcanic rock of different geometrical shapes, that could be meant as altars, give sacredness to this area, considered as the sanctuary of the Waters of Canepina.

The most interesting of the three rock monuments is the one with a rectangular shape, discovered in the 1960 by some young men from Canepina.

The altar 1st – 2nd century b.c. has on its front a dedication in five lines to Bona Valetudo on behalf of Cneus Pacilius Marva, a man devoted to the emperor Augustus, a seviro in Sutri and Augustale in Faleri, and a consecration on behalf of Pacilia Primitiva to Bona Bonadia Castrensis.

The place certainly was a sanctuary, where different cults were celebrated. The main god was Valetudo, a divinity of the waters, while Bonadia was probably the divinity who protected the whole complex.








Santuario dell' Arcella