July 5, 2013

Church of “Santa Corona”

Veduta-Santa-CoronaIt is certainly one of the most ancient churches in Canepina.

Built on a mountain, the nearest to the village, it already existed by the end of the 13th century, when Onorio IV gave it to the Monastery of Saint Silvestro in Rome.

Its upkeep has always been difficult. It was often neglected and the nuns, in respect of the Bishop’s will more than once gave it to the different archpriests in Canepina, but it was always difficult for them to find the money to restore the church.

During the 18th century, after the roof collapsed, the church was closed for about forty years.

During the restoration of the altar of the Collegiata Church, in 1722, the Magistrated of the time asked a contribution to the nuns of Saint Silvestro; they agreed giving all the material they could get from the walls of Santa Corona.

But all the population in Canepina protested and stopped such a deal. Mister Moscatelli, a man of the church, who had his lands neighbouring the church of Santa Corona paid himself for the restoration, in order to celebrate a mass in it.

The works ended on the 13th of may 1836, on the eve of the Patron Saint feast, and all the religious assembly went there to sing the vespers. Nowadays all the people in Canepina go on a procession to the “small church”, where they celebrate a solemn mass on the eve of the Patron Saint -Santa Corona-feast.








Santa Corona