July 5, 2013

Church of “San Pietro e Paolo”

Chiesa-di-SS.-Pietro-e-PaoloThe Church, dedicated to the two  Apostles, is situated in Via XX Settembre, opposite the Farnese palace. It seems the Farnese family ordered its construction in 1622, in memory of the sad death of Pierluigi, who was assassinated in 1548, three years after Paolo III named him the duke of Parma and Piacenza.

It has a rigorously proportioned shape, its style is clear and simple. Inside there is a beautiful altar in the middle, under the invocation of the Saints Apostles Peter and Paul, portrayed in the picture above, with the illustration of the Monstrance and the portrait  of the Venerable: on the right is Saint Peter , with the key and, on the left Saint Paul holding an open book and gripping a sword , both of them with their faces turned towards the Holy Host.

A small oil picture on the upper part of the altar, surrounded by a plaster frame with small heads of angels, wings and sun rays represents the Annunciation.

The Church is open to the public only for special occasions.






SS. Pietro e Paolo