July 5, 2013

Church of “San Michele Arcangelo”

Chiesa-di-S.-Michele-Arcangelo-300x225We have news about it since the half of the 16th century. Before, it was a small church with a veiled bell tower called Santa Maria del Fossatello.

The small church dates back to the time of the plague in Canepina, in 1476. After this sad period, it was abandoned and later, in 1574, given to the Carmelite Friars that, led by Brother Angelo Menicucci, had started the construction of the adjacent monastery. It was Brother Menicucci to take care of the widening of the small church that didn’t have an altar and a presbytery.

The original church so became the presbytery of the new construction, keeping the image of the Madonna del Fossatello above the main altar.

On the sides he built some chapels that the rich families of Canepina decorated.

After its construction in 1627 the church was called Santa Maria delle Grazie, Madonna del Carmelo and Church of the Friars, as it is named nowadays.

After the fire of an old church near the town hall in 1917, it inherited its name of Saint Michele Arcangelo.

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S. Michele Arcangelo