July 5, 2013

Church “Collegiata”

It was built in the 8th century, or more probably in the 12th with blocks of pink stone. It was dedicated to Saint Mary Assumed into Heaven.

It was first heavily restored in 1492 by Antonio Cordini from Sangallo.

Three circular windows were opened on the front, one in the middle and the others in the sides, in order to make it similar to the Church of the “Madonna della Quercia”, in memory of a miracle that a devoted man from Canepina received while going to the Sanctuary of La Quercia.

Later the original stairs were destroyed to build the present small square. Recently the bell tower, modified during the 18th century by adding a pyramid on the top, has been restored to the original ancient model.

Magnificent is the bell melted in 1885 by G.B. Lucenti with images of the Madonna of the Crucified Christ and of the Canepina coat of arms, among geometric and floral decorations.

Inside the Church, that is divided in three naves, in the lateral chapel you can admire the Madonna of The Light, tempera on wood on a golden background, dating back to the 15th century.

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Collegiata S. Maria Assunta